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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Journey to the Oregon Coast

We traveled to the Oregon coast and will be here until after the Christmas holiday. We have been here alot this year...more than usual. The journey was uneventful, which we appreciate. After having issues with the tires recently, it was nice to have no problems. We arrived on a day before the rain hit. Quite often when we get here, it is raining. Setting up in the rain is no fun for either of us. Dwain was able to get the internet and TV satelittes up quickly too.

We miss our granddaughter!!

I hope to be able to see my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins while we are here.

LaCenter, Washington

We had two weeks in LaCenter, Washington at Adam, Carrie and Lyla's. Seeing them every day was a delight. The drive from the freeway to their house is through well-kept, small farms. The tree leaves are turning fast and are beautiful. You view Mt. St. Helens from their house.

We parked in the back of the house so we are separate, but together. I love the feeling of being close enough for them to pop in as they can. Lyla is only a year old, but soon she will escape her house and run over to Grandma and Papa's like her cousins do when we are in Wallowa. I wish they lived near each other. But Adam and Carrie will always live on the west side of the state and Matt, Heather and the boys will always be on the east side. And Uncle Seth will be in Chicago!

Lyla has turned one! She is walking, although working on her balance. She climbed the three steps in our RV without hesitation. It was her first step climbing experience. While here she has learned "So Big" and to whinny like a horse and moo like a cow. I'm working on "love you," how to say "sorry" in sign language and how to "be easy" when she turns pages in a book. She is so fun...full of the dickens.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A View From My Window

Catherine Creek Oregon State Park Union, Oregon
We left Wallowa on Friday, traveling to LaGrande. We left the RV at Curt's RV for repairs. We ran errands then met Heather and Joshua for lunch. We had Chinese at Josh's request. Our RV was ready by 2 pm and Dwain picked it up while I shopped at Walmart.

We spent the night at Catherine Creek State Park, seven miles out of Union, Oregon. We Park Hosted at Catherine Creek about five years ago. We enjoyed being back. Large pines are throughout the campground. If you are interested in making pine needle baskets, there is a large supply of needles. Catherine Creek SP has about 20 sites. It is a dry campground. However, it does have water faucets in the camp. It has restrooms, but no showers. There is a day use area about a quarter mile up the road. Hiking trails are across the creek.

Saturday morning we traveled to Cove, Oregon, a short distance away. We watched a junior high football game in the rain. Unfortunately our Wallowa team lost, but they played hard. Once the game was over, we were off to the local burger joint and enjoyed a good lunch, saying goodbye to Patrick, Joshua and their parents for a couple of months.
We drove as far as Rufus, Oregon and pulled in beside the Columbia River for the night. Took some beautiful sunsets photos while in the Columbia River Gorge. The wind came up during the night and kept us awake. Dwain measured the mph in the morning at 40. It blew stronger during the night, but he didn't get up to measure it. I wonder why...
On to Adam, Carrie and Lyla's!