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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The FREE Puppy!

This is a new experience for us! I know that millions of other rv'rs wouldn't think of traveling without their pet, but for the past seven years we've not had a dog. We had lots of dogs before becoming RV'rs but not until now as RV'rs. We had a parakeet named Sunny that tolerated us fairly well but he passed on a couple of years back. We talked about getting another one and even visited every pet store that had them if we were close by. Well, we now have "Lucy Sue." a mixed breed of Dachshund (we know) and Cocker Spaniel (we think!). She is totally black with long wavy hair and is very mellow for a puppy. This is good for old people like us.

The dog was free! Yesterday we spent just about 100 dollars on the first vet visit, shots, harness, leash, toys, food, etc. A friend gave us a crate for her to sleep in (yeah, right!) and now we need to figure out where the crate will go as well as how to get her to sleep in it.

Lucy is still training us and we are working hard to learn her lessons. Even though she is only 9 weeks old, she knows to go outside from time to time to eliminate what needs to be eliminated. To teach us when it is time for this, she goes to the door and then looks back to see if we're coming. If we're not, she paw's and nips at a nearby shoe which we remove on entering our home and keep by the doorway for quick access when we want to go out. If we haven't figured out by then that she wants out, the next sign is unmistakable and she no longer needs to go outdoors.

She likes to take lots of naps now, which is well and good because we do too. She is napping by my foot as I write this, but she doesn't seem to want to sleep at night. At least not in the crate. Have you ever seen a dog that doesn't go nuts over peanut butter? We bought a small Kong and I put peanut butter inside and placed the Kong in the crate. This is what the vet and others said to do to encourage the puppy to begin liking the crate as a sleeping space. This dog doesn't care for either peanut butter or the crate. We feed her there though and she will go in for treats I place inside to entice her in there. She just brings the treats, food, or toys back out to eat or play with on the carpet.

I'm sure we have many more lessons to learn form our new friend, and hopefully we will be good students. For now though I think I'll take advantage of Lucy's down time by attempting to sneak her in the crate in her blanket and see how long it lasts. She's still sleeping by my foot so there's a chance it might work, wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's been some time since I've posted. We are in Wallowa, Oregon, staying in the Wallowa River RV Park. We have been spending the summer at this park for about 7 years. It's a quiet park with friendly owners and occupants.

The weather has been a typical spring. Winter fights with Spring to see who will win. One day Winter wins and we have snow and cold winds. The next day Spring is on top with sunny days, but still freezing at night. Soon Spring will win and we will enjoy warm weather.

Our roof collided with a tree while on the Oregon coast this winter. We will be taking the Montana into Curt's RV in LaGrande to provide us with a new roof. Down side...we will be without the Montana for four to five days while the repair is completed. We will stay in our small Komfort. There goes our insurance!

I am not looking forward to having the Montana gone. I guess it is the unknown that might come about. I know I should not worry about that, but I do. So will put clothes, bathroom supplies and food in and know we will be fine. It's only a few days!

We checked into park hosting at Wallowa Lake State Park. The host coordinator, Shawn, will contact us in a couple of days. The decision was made because of saving approximately $320 a month for a few months.

Have enjoyed watching Josh's baseball games. Patrick's baseball won't start 'til the end of May.

We have family who moved to Enterprise this last month, David and Donna Handler. It will be nice to have them here. We will be able to see them more often. I like that!