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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wallowa River Rv Park

We are now situated in Wallowa at the Wallowa River RV park. There are several other full time RV'rs who spend the summers here with us.
The park is located along the Wallowa River at the edge of the town of Wallowa. The river is available for fishing and the park has about 800 feet of river frontage. The new owners, Debbie and Clarence Aherins and their dog Maggie, just completed remodeling the showers and they are beautiful and the best I've ever seen in an RV park anywhere in the country.

They have added a small raised garden area where long term visitors can grow vegetables and enjoy gardening with the other park folks.

Debbie loves a potluck and will often host one in which all guests are invited to participate. Guests can meet one another and make new friends. These are totally at random and anyone or anything can be the catalyst to get one going. Just tell people it's happening and we all show up.

The park is also next to land owned by the Nez Perce Indians where the annual Tamakaliks Celebration is held each July. This is a friendship celebration and everyone is invited. The Nez Perce, Umatilla, Warm Springs and other tribes set up Teepee's to live in and have drumming and dance competitions. There are also friendship dances in which everyone is invited and encouraged to participate. Vendors sell jewelry and other gifts and souvenirs.

While all children are welcome at Wallowa River RV park, it is more suited to older campers without kids. It is a quiet setting, with mowed lawns along the river, and all the sites are pull through sites. There are a total of 31 spaces that rent by the night for $30.00 dollars, by the week for $165.00 dollars, and by the month for $300.00 dollars plus electric. A few older sites still only have 30amp power but many are both 30 and 50amp. Time wise, the park is about an hour from LaGrande, 30 minutes from Enterprise, and about 45 minutes from Joseph and Wallow Lake.

If you are interested in staying in a place with beautiful scenery, friendly people, and a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, this just might be what you are looking for.

To get here just come to Wallowa. Take the Whiskey Creek Road turn off at the east end of town and cross the Wallowa river. The park will be on your left just as you cross the bridge. Tell Debbie or Clarence that Dwain sent you!

The park address is 503 Whiskey Creek Road, Wallowa, Or. 97885 PH/Fax 541-886-7002.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thinking About Moving On...

In about two weeks we will be leaving Wallowa for the Oregon coast. We have two family reunions to attend. We will be staying near Garibaldi, Oregon. While there we will try to see family and friends.

We are hoping to travel to the Washington coast to visit friends who are park hosting at Cape Disappointment before attending the family reunions.

We had a propane leak and lost almost 2 propane tanks of gas. Dwain was able to fix the leak. Must refill the tanks tomorrow.

Friday, June 19, 2009


We are spending a couple of months in Wallowa, Oregon. Wallowa is located in NE Oregon. Our daughter Heather and her family live here. Know what that means...GRANDCHILDREN! Our grandsons, Patrick and Joshua are a great way to spend the summer. We are in the middle of baseball season.

The weather has ranged from 70 to 90 degrees, with some rainy days, thunder and lightening. Such is spring in Wallowa County. It will soon be too hot!

Wallowa Valley is a scenic area with beautiful snow capped mountains, the Eagle Cap Wilderness that provides many hiking adventures. It is the home of Wallowa Lake and Wallowa Lake State Park. The lake freezes over in the winter. Fishing is GREAT. The community of Joseph is home to several bronze foundries and is an art-filled area. There is not one stop light in the county.

We stay in Wallowa River RV Park located at the east end of the City of Wallowa on Whiskey Creek Road. The owners are nice folks and dedicated to their patrons. The park has 31 sites with an additional area for tents and storage of your RV. It is located along side the Wallowa River. Fishing is GREAT here too.

From here we plan to spend about a month on the Oregon coast near Tillamook.

What to do when it's raining!

If you've been on the road on a rainy day, you know that it can cause a number of problems or situations you will need to deal with. These include getting your rig really dirty if you're towing, newly discovered leaks, difficult driving conditions, and so on.

Personally I prefer being parked someplace and just relaxing in my rig while watching it rain. It's a perfect time to enjoy a book, or maybe a favorite movie. Most rigs nowadays have entertainment systems that allow music or video that is better than or at least equal to what you have at home. When we still had our house, I used to go out to our rig on rainy days and just sit and watch out the windows.

One of my favorite places to park my rig in foul weather is in one of Oregon's beautiful state parks. Especially somewhere along the Oregon Coast. The Coastal towns and communities are used to wet weather and it is perfect for the RV'r to visit these places. Most of the other tourist traffic is not in town on wet days so you can visit shops and restaurants at your leisure. Sitting inside a big picture window in a nice restaurant and watching a rainstorm on the Oregon Coast is a pleasure.