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Friday, January 29, 2010


We took on the task of pulling all containers from the basement. They were brought into the house and gone through. Very little disposed of. Mostly it was reorganized and condensed. I had a container with small holiday decorations and a box of clothes we do not use but wanted to keep for a colder climate. Everything fit in the basement. It was nice to clear the corner behind the table and chairs.

We had two boxes containing maps, travel info and our Passport and AOR books. I was able to condense them into one box.

Being in the desert allows us time to accomplish projects and it feels good.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quartzsite, Arizona

This morning we prepared our Montana to hit the road. Once ready, we had a final visit with Sonny and Mary. We were able to leave by 10 am. We took Highway 15 to 210, then onto Highway 10. Our travel was uneventful except for a few drivers who need to take a Drivers Education class.

We contacted the BLM registration booth by 2:30 pm. Their fees are $40 for two weeks or $180 for the season (September 15 to April 15). We registered for two weeks, then proceeded to find a place to park. Dwain was able to set up the TV and internet satellites and to repair the stand for the solar panels.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

We discovered tomorrow is the last day of the Main Event tent. We decided we will check it out Sunday morning. We must be home by 1:00 ... AFC and NFC games will be on.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

On the Road Again

We are preparing for travel from Apple Valley, California to Quartzsite, Arizona. It is approximately a five hour drive.

Tomorrow is an errand and laundry day. It is also the last day for visiting with our friends Sonny and Mary. They are the perfect hosts.

It has been raining and blowing so hard we haven't been able to do much outside.

I have rearrange a couple of cupboards. We were in such need of closet space that I took clothing we won't need this winter, packed them in a box and will route to Heather's. She can store them in our smaller RV until we return to Wallowa in the spring.

With all the rain Apple Valley is receiving, I keep checking the seasonal leak under the refrigerator. Our luck has is still dry. :D

Monday, January 18, 2010

On The Road to Apple Valley, California

An unusual situation occurred when we left Charleston ... It was not raining!! We are usually plagued with rain when preparing the RV for travel. The dry weather was a nice gift.

We traveled a few hours south and stopped at Harris Beach State Park near Brookings, Oregon. Oregon was experiencing storms which included high winds. We thought it was a good idea to get off the road for a couple of days. The surf of the Pacific Ocean was so high you couldn't walk the beach. It was a relaxful couple of days spent mostly inside. It allowed me to do a few chores I had been putting off.

Because we were about to cross the border into California, we tried to remember what food could not cross the California border. We assumed it was fruit. We had three apples, four oranges, four kiwi, two lemons and one lime. OMG! I didn't want to give up this much produce. That's like throwing away money for me. So we ate the kiwis, oranges and an apple. I grated and squeezed the lemons and lime for the freezer. Just before leaving, I quartered the remaining apples and hoped we could eat them before arriving at the border. We were so full of fruit, we didn't eat the apples like I hoped we would. When we arrived at the check point, they questioned us about fruit and produce. They didn't want our apples!

Driving Highway 101 in northern California is scenic. First along the beach, then into the Redwoods. We stayed at a Passport America park, Stafford RV Park, in Stafford, California. This park is owned by a local church. They had monthly renters. It had been raining and the ground was soft. It took our 4-wheel drive to park and pull out. We were the only rig parked in the back, so it was quiet.

South of Sacramento we took Highway 20 east to I-5. It was foggy beside Clear Lake. I was disappointed because the last time we drove Highway 20 it was dark. I was looking forward to seeing the lake.

We stayed at a truck stop in Santa Nella, California. After midnight, the trucks settled down and it was quiet for several hours. We woke to thick fog. We talked about waiting for the fog to lift, but decided to take off. Driving was fine. At times the fog was thick and other times it had raised a bit.

We arrived in Apple Valley at about 3:30 pm. We are enjoying our time with our friends Sonny and Mary.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Charleston, Oregon

We are on the road again, finally! We spent our first night at South Beach State park near the Aquarium at Newport, Oregon. This park was easy to move around in and because we were there in the off season we didn't need reservations. We just pulled in, found a spot we liked and self registered. The park has a welcome center where you can get hot coffee or tea, free popcorn, and visit with a campground host. There is also books to buy, puzzles to check out, and other things that might be of interest.

We hiked most of the trails to the beach and to the south jetty of Yaquina Bay before leaving the park. The only problem we had was that most of the other folks in the park had dogs. One of these decided to bark during the night which some of the other dogs were inclined to join in with.
All the dogs were well mannered, but I can't quite say as much for their masters.

We're now located at a nice little private park near Charleston, Oregon called "Oceanside RV Park." Our trailer is actually about 300 feet from the beach. We found this park as we were headed in to the beautiful Sunset Bay State Park. The problem with the state park for us was that we needed to be able to use both our cell phone and internet connections. Both these parks are located near Shore Acres State Park which is famous for it seascapes and flowers.

Oceanside RV park has reduced its winter rates to $10 dollars per day sunday through thursday. Friday and Saturday are still $20 bucks a night for over-nighters. The park offers cable TV and WiFi along with the regular full hookups. Propane is available here for $2.70 a gallon right now. We'll fill our cylinders before we leave. Sunset Bay State Park gives you water, 30amp electric, and sewer for $16 dollars per night.

Most of the other people in the park right now are paying by the month, but a few short term folks stop in too. The roads here are gravel and in wet weather your rig won't stay clean but that's what you deal with when you RV in the winter.