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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A View From My Window

I have not done "A View From My Window" since we were in Arizona. I've been slacking!!
This summer we volunteered at Wallowa Lake State Park in NE Oregon. We enjoy being here and plan to return next summer. The campground is located at the base of the large mountain in the photo below. The international Kokanie record was broken at Wallowa Lake in June. Here are a few photos from our time at the Lake.

Our grandson Joshua at BC Falls. The Falls are located 1.5 miles up the Chief Joseph Trial. Quite a hike...all up hill. Over rocks and roots. You wind up the trial and in several locations you are looking down on Wallowa Lake. Dwain lead campers on several hikes up Chief Joseph trial. He taught them how better use their cameras. The campers were enthusiastic and appreciative. Our Lucy went on the hikes too. I was amazed that her little legs didn't get tired 'til part way down the trail.

Many deer who roam the park. Above is a photo of a big old buck, a new fawn and the buck investigating a food cooler. There are signs to tell people NOT to feed the deer. Unfortunately, some do. The deer get creative in opening coolers, cereal box, etc in order to help themselves. They are dangerous wild animals even when they appear friendly. They are accustomed to having people in their environment. Several people a year are sent to the ER with deer injuries. They also carry ticks and lice.

This is my birthday dinner. Dwain cooked a pot roast, potatoes, carrots and onions in the dutch oven. It was yummy!! The pot roast is under the veggies. It cooked all afternoon. Not every campground has a fire ring. We are happy they are at Wallowa Lake. Dwain has used his dutch ovens often.

Wallowa Lake has over 200 sites, five loops plus three group camp areas, with each loop having a shower house/bathroom. There are handicap sites. They have three day use areas and do not charge a day use fee. There is a marina with boats, paddle boats and kayaks to rent and a boat launch. A paraglider is for rent too. Swimming is always fun. There are programs scheduled for the evening along with the traditional Jr. Ranger Program. There is local shopping, restaurants, cabins, bumper boats, miniature golf, horse riding and two private campgrounds. There are any different length hiking trails, including overnight backpacking opportunities. A tram runs up Mt. Howard. At the top you can enjoy gorgeous views along with hiking trails. There is a grill at the top of Mt. Howard so you can have lunch or a snack. Many pack their own vitals. Wallowa Lake State Park borders the Eagle Cap Wilderness.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here are new photos of Lucy. She is 6 months old. She has been such a good puppy that I was beginning to wonder why she didn't do what other puppies do, like chew our shoes. We had a cold, wet evening and we were selling fire wood. We felt she wouldn't enjoy being outside so we left her in the RV and checked on her every hour. She did great until the last hour. During that time she chewed the inside of the heels of my slippers. She has been pooping stuffing foam for two days!

Heather and I took her for her first grooming appointment. To make the story short, the groomer did not trim Lucy as I asked so we won't be returning. Lucy did not like the groomer or being left.

I don't have a photo of her new haircut without her sweatshirt. The cut does show us her poodle-side. The other Park Hosts love Lucy so she gets more than her share of attention.

This photo was taken at the beach on July 4th. She is true to her Dachshund breed in that her nose is always to the ground sniffing, hence the sandy nose!

Lucy is a good traveler. We have a little bed between us in the truck. Most of the time we are driving she is sleeping.