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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quartzsite, Arizona

This morning we prepared our Montana to hit the road. Once ready, we had a final visit with Sonny and Mary. We were able to leave by 10 am. We took Highway 15 to 210, then onto Highway 10. Our travel was uneventful except for a few drivers who need to take a Drivers Education class.

We contacted the BLM registration booth by 2:30 pm. Their fees are $40 for two weeks or $180 for the season (September 15 to April 15). We registered for two weeks, then proceeded to find a place to park. Dwain was able to set up the TV and internet satellites and to repair the stand for the solar panels.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

We discovered tomorrow is the last day of the Main Event tent. We decided we will check it out Sunday morning. We must be home by 1:00 ... AFC and NFC games will be on.

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