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Friday, June 19, 2009

What to do when it's raining!

If you've been on the road on a rainy day, you know that it can cause a number of problems or situations you will need to deal with. These include getting your rig really dirty if you're towing, newly discovered leaks, difficult driving conditions, and so on.

Personally I prefer being parked someplace and just relaxing in my rig while watching it rain. It's a perfect time to enjoy a book, or maybe a favorite movie. Most rigs nowadays have entertainment systems that allow music or video that is better than or at least equal to what you have at home. When we still had our house, I used to go out to our rig on rainy days and just sit and watch out the windows.

One of my favorite places to park my rig in foul weather is in one of Oregon's beautiful state parks. Especially somewhere along the Oregon Coast. The Coastal towns and communities are used to wet weather and it is perfect for the RV'r to visit these places. Most of the other tourist traffic is not in town on wet days so you can visit shops and restaurants at your leisure. Sitting inside a big picture window in a nice restaurant and watching a rainstorm on the Oregon Coast is a pleasure.

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