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Friday, June 19, 2009


We are spending a couple of months in Wallowa, Oregon. Wallowa is located in NE Oregon. Our daughter Heather and her family live here. Know what that means...GRANDCHILDREN! Our grandsons, Patrick and Joshua are a great way to spend the summer. We are in the middle of baseball season.

The weather has ranged from 70 to 90 degrees, with some rainy days, thunder and lightening. Such is spring in Wallowa County. It will soon be too hot!

Wallowa Valley is a scenic area with beautiful snow capped mountains, the Eagle Cap Wilderness that provides many hiking adventures. It is the home of Wallowa Lake and Wallowa Lake State Park. The lake freezes over in the winter. Fishing is GREAT. The community of Joseph is home to several bronze foundries and is an art-filled area. There is not one stop light in the county.

We stay in Wallowa River RV Park located at the east end of the City of Wallowa on Whiskey Creek Road. The owners are nice folks and dedicated to their patrons. The park has 31 sites with an additional area for tents and storage of your RV. It is located along side the Wallowa River. Fishing is GREAT here too.

From here we plan to spend about a month on the Oregon coast near Tillamook.

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