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Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's New?

We are still at Wallowa Lake State Park. We've been asked to stay through September. That works for us! As of today, we will spend the month of October at Manhattan Wayside just north of Rockaway on the Oregon Coast. November and December we will be at Nehalem Bay State Park. We haven't decided if we will go to Arizona this winter. We don't head south until January, so have time to discuss.

Our Lucy has shown us that she is a sweet dog. She learns fast. At four months she weighed 5.7 pounds. We had her spayed 10 days ago. She recouped well. Had her first shower since the surgery today. She looks so much better. She has given us hours of comic relief. :D
I'm thankful she doesn't eat much because finding a place for a bag of dog food is at a premium. We are able to buy a six pound bag, which doesn't take much room. It lasts about six weeks.

We put our 8 x 10 dinning canopy over our picnic table. This time of year it provides needed shade.

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment and laundry. Dwain has phone calls to make. Then at 4 pm we sell wood until 9 pm. I must be creative for our dinner meal. When we are selling wood, we take turns eating so need something that can be kept warm or warm up easily.

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