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Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Travel Adventure

We arrived in Wallowa on Friday. What a trip! I'm sure Dwain will post on this adventure, so will post on my experience as a passenger. You can view his comments on this site,

We left Ridgefield, Washington about 9 am on Thursday. Our intent was to travel to Wallowa, arriving by dinnertime. About an hour into our trip, the right, rear tire on the RV blew. It sounded like we ran over something, it was a loud sound. I didn't feel the vehicles swerving. We were fortunate enough to be coming upon a pull-off area for truckers. The tire blew with such force that it broke the plastic skirting over the tires and bent the fiberglass under. You could see black tire markings on the side of the RV and the awning. We checked the awning and it felt secure.

An ODOT truck stopped. They travel along the freeway, keeping it clear of debris. They saw the blowout, picked up pieces and brought them to us. Dwain changed what was left of the tire and put on the spare. It was a hot day and all tires were very hot.

We traveled to Les S. in Hood River. They sold us a new trailer tire and down the road we went, stopping regularly to check the tires. Dwain decided we would stay in Pendleton for the night. He didn't want to pull Cabbage Hill in the heat.

The next morning we had two flat tires. One had lost air, but the other, we had run over a nail. Are we having bad luck or what?!!! Off to Les S. in Pendleton. We purchased three more new tires.

We continued on to Wallowa and arrived safely and thankful. Although we had the potential of dangerous situations, our little fairy of safe travel saw us through again.

Now in Wallowa River RV Park our park friends are busy talking about our adventure and of advice. :>)

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