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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Heading for the Oregon Coast

We are preparing to travel to the Oregon coast. This coming weekend is our 40th high school reunion. WOW are WE old! We enjoyed our class reunions in the past and look forward to seeing everyone. There will be many classmates that have never attended a reunion so will be especially fun to see them.

We will be taking our "little house" instead of our Montana. Yesterday we started transferring items from the Montana to the Komfort. Quite a chore, but do it a bit at a time. We try to keep the Komfort "ready" so there isn't to much to transfer, but we haven't used it since May so a little more to do. Dwain is taking shop tools back to the coast so he can use them while we are there in the late fall. We has 3 toy boxes to make for Christmas.

Here's hoping we don't have tire trouble on the Komfort like we did on the Montana...

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