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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Trip to the Oregon Coast

We decided to use our 26' Komfort on a trip to the north Oregon coast. What was to be a week trip has turned into two.

We attended our 40th high school class reunion the last weekend of August. We stayed at Pacific Campground in Tillamook, Oregon, which is where the reunion was held. This is a nice campground, across Highway 101 from the Tillamook Cheese Factory, with WiFi and laundry facilities. They have a covered picnic area with a fire pit. We were able to camp as a group, some RVs and tents, others stayed with family or in motels. While friends were arriving, our RV became "contact central." Always fun to see how many folks you can squeeze into one small RV. :-)

We spent several days visiting with friends and former neighbors, ending our coastal visit by going inland to LaCenter, Washington visiting our son and family. We had a great two days. Our granddaughter, Lyla, is 11 months old and so much fun. They have a large garden and stocked us with tomatoes, zucchini and corn. How lucky are we? Dwain and Adam worked one day in the yard with projects Adam wanted to complete. I played with Lyla!

While at Adam's, we received word of my cousin Natalie's passing from breast cancer. We were able to return to the coast to spend time with family. Being able to take our little home with us makes it easier than trying to find a place to stay over the Labor Day weekend. We have our bed, closet, kitchen, etc. Nothing to get used's all familiar. Very comforting.

Our little Komfort traveled well. I did notice a leak in one of the overhead cabinets. It is a slow leak and Dwain thinks it may have traveled inside the ceiling to its location. This RV is a nice rig, but has many problems, most of which are not visible.

I had to do laundry as we were only planning to be gone a week. We had our prescriptions transferred and picked them us today. Now we are good to go!

As I write, we are staying in Nehalem, Oregon at Dwain's Dad's place. A few days ago I picked enough blackberries for two pies. There were a few blueberries and huckleberries thrown in for good measure. Not enough to do anything with by themselves. I made one pie and put the rest in the freezer. Blackberry pie is our grandson Patrick's favorite so will bake a pie for him. I also picked a handful of wildflowers. I love having wildflowers on my table.

We are having rain and wind tonight...put up the awning.

Monday we will start our trek back to Wallowa. I'm hoping to convince Dwain to take the "Fruit Loop" in Hood River, Oregon.

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