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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Road Notes!

We are preparing to leave Wallowa County for the winter. It's a bitter-sweet feeling. We have come to love this area and the Howards, our daughter Heather and her family, live here. That means grandchildren! Leaving the boys is always difficult. But we are traveling to our granddaughter Lyla's house. The most difficult part is when we travel south and don't see the grandchildren for four months. :(

The last few days we prepared the Komfort for winter and it is now parked beside the Howard house. I emptied the cupboards of the canned goods. I usually don't have alot, but this year we stocked it well, then didn't use it all. Today I need to reorganize the Montana cupboards so as much as possible will fit. There have been years when we donated to the local Food Bank. That might be easier!

We will be without electricity for a few days after we leave Wallowa, so I'm doing household chores that need the electric..laundry, vacuum, etc. I'm trying to fit our winter clothes back in the closet. At some point we hope to be like Dwain's Aunt and Uncle. They don't have winter clothing. They are in Wyoming for the summer then Arizona for the winter. They only need a light coat. Because we don't travel south until January, winter clothing is necessary.

Our Montana is scheduled for repair work from when the tire blew a few months ago on Friday so will leave Wallowa early that morning. From there we will start heading west. Must arrive at Lyla's before her first birthday, October 11.

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  1. Someday you won't need winter clothing...I laugh.