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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Next Stop

Here's our set up in Quartzsite, Arizona. We've been here about eleven days and this has been a really good arrangement. I was expecting strong winds when we arrived so I set my satellite dishes and solar panels so the trailer would shelter them. We had a couple of strong gusts that would have caused minor problems had I not done this. The only problem with setting the dishes so close is that I could not open the awning if I wanted to. I didn't here because of the constant wind but it is a consideration to be made.

We chose to park in a Bureau of Land Management, LTVA. "LTVA" stands for "Long Term Visitor Area." There are four of these in this area and you must pay a minor fee to use them. We paid $40.00 for two weeks. The dump site and water fill is about two miles away.

Tomorrow we head South to another LTVA near Yuma, AZ. It's called Senator Wash and is actually in California on the other side of the the Colorado River. Near Imperial Dam.

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