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Friday, February 5, 2010

Senator's Wash

We arrived at Senator's Wash on Thursday, February 4. We found a parking spot in the same area we stayed two years ago. While I readied the inside of the RV, Dwain set up outside, including the solar panels and satellite dishes.

Senator's Wash is located at Imperial Dam, behind the Army's Proving Grounds, 20 miles north of Yuma. It is a Long Term Visitor's Area. There are more rigs here this year.

A lady we met two years ago came by to welcome us. It was wonderful to see Judy. We will visit on Saturday and I look forward to our time together.

Thursday was a relaxing day.

Friday morning we went to Walmart in Yuma. We picked up groceries and had the oil changed in the truck. We also dropped off two prescriptions for refill. There are so many retirees in the area that we were told it would take two days to fill the prescription.

We had a relaxful afternoon.

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